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October Meeting

Event times: Thursday, October 27, 2016.  5:45 pm -  9:00 pm.  Dinner at 06:00 PM.

Leading Today’s Generation (X, Y and more…)

Managing the different generations is more complex than ever; yet, our ability to do it is an integral part of how successful our organization becomes. The Leading Today’s Generations session explores how factors such as personal history, lifestyle, education, and age can either make or break your ability to manage your employees. 

This session takes a close look at the differences between the various generations and then considers how to better understand their unique needs, characteristics and goals.  Once understood, we can then work to better assist each to perform closer to their full potential.  Our ultimate goal is to leverage the strategic and competitive advantage that each generation’s uniqueness brings to the organization. 

Some Key Topics to be covered 

• Demographic Changes in the Workplace
• Understanding the Generations
• The Millennial Generation
• Generation X and Y and more
• The Characteristics, Goals, and Needs of Each Generation
• Motivating and Managing the Generations

Presenter: Joe Gaskovski

is a part-time Professor at Seneca College (Faculty of Continuing Education and Training). Joe’s extensive professional sales and leadership experience have supported individual, government and business successes. His diverse background includes facilitation, training, and personal coaching. Joe is recognized as an expert speaker-facilitator on professional sales and leadership and has been invited to speak on a wide range of topics for many organizations, public and private alike. Joe has also written leadership and success-related articles for Status Magazine and has appeared on Rogers Daytime TV discussing Excellence in Business Communication. In addition, Joe has been interviewed by several newspapers and magazines including; the National Post, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Alberta Venture Magazine, and others.

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